What is commercial use?

Sep 13, 2019 · 2 min read

You can use Monosnap for free with Free Plan for personal, family, and non-commercial use. Also, with Non-Commercial Plan, you can upgrade your account for more flexibility, features, and Monosnap storage space.

What is Commercial Use?

Commercial use is defined by our company as any use of our service for directly or indirectly financial gain, or in a commercial environment. It doesn’t matter whether your service is paid itself or your service is provided as the creation of an added value with financial compensation.

Any interactions with colleagues and customers at work or home office are defined as commercial use. If you are using Monosnap for your customers or clients or colleagues, it’ll be defined as commercial use. It doesn’t matter where you are working at the office or home, in the enterprise or as a freelancer. All job- and side job-related actions are defined as commercial use.

It doesn’t matter how you exactly use Monosnap just for taking screenshots or in a complex workflow with additional integrations.

Any assisting organizations or companies, even as a volunteer.

Using Monosnap service in non-profit organizations is defined as commercial use. However, we can provide a discount for such organizations. For more information, please contact support@monosnap.com ✉️

To clarify, we provided some examples:

  • Making guides for customers, clients, or colleagues.
  • Using Monosnap service as a hosting service.
  • Providing screenshots for customers, clients, or colleagues to explain something.
  • Using Monosnap on a work computer at the office or home.

Enterprise Plan

To improve experience of your company or team, we suggest trying custom features:

Advanced Access Control List using
- IP-range
- Your domain: @springest.com
- Specific lists of emails
- Access to Monosnap API

Security options:
- SSO: Gmail, Slack, Okta
- 2-step TOTP/HMAC-based authentication
- Activity history with IP addresses and revoking sessions
- Notifications about suspicious views or actions

Custom integrations:
- Web interface and upload option to your S3c/S3 storage
- Zoom integration

Need more? We’ll provide customized solutions with secure integrations and extended tools for your company. For more detailed information, contact sales@monosnap.com or check out Enterprise page.

What is Non-Commercial Use?

We define non-commercial use as any use for personal and family reasons without neither directly nor indirectly financial gain. Personal use means you use Monosnap service for yourself or to interact with family and friends without any financial gain.

Here are some examples of non-commercial use:

  • Providing some media files for your friends and relatives.
  • Saving information about a planned visit to a store or a restaurant.
  • Making a step by step guide for your friends and relatives.

⚠️ What to do about the warnings?

The warnings are auto-generated and may be disabled after buying Commercial or Enterprise licenses by Monosnap team.

If your account is blocked or you receive warnings, please feel free to contact support@monosnap.com. Don’t forget to describe your situation in detail to speed up the process. We’ll take action to resolve the issue if your usage conforms to our terms.

If you have any questions, please contact support@monosnap.com ✉️

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