What is commercial use?

Sep 13 · 2 min read

What is Commercial Use?

Commercial use is defined by our company as any use of our service for directly or indirectly financial gain. Doesn’t matter whether your service is paid itself or your service is provided as the creation of an added value with financial compensation.

  • Using Monosnap service as a hosting service.
  • Providing screenshots for customers, clients, or colleagues to explain something.

What is Non-Commercial Use?

We define non-commercial use as any use for personal and family reasons without neither directly nor indirectly financial gain. Personal use means you use Monosnap service for yourself or to interact with family and friends without any financial gain.

  • Saving information about a planned visit to a store or a restaurant.
  • Making a step by step guide for your friends and relatives.

⚠️ What to do about the warnings?

The warnings are auto-generated and shown to file owner and all visitors of file. Warnings may be disabled after buying Commercial or Enterprise license by Monosnap team.


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