The last 365 were worth it. We have experienced smiles, surprises & shocks in the following orders smiles > surprises > shocks, and all of them made our journey of starting & scaling monQo worth it.

As on date, monQo is the most loved milkshake brand of the millennials and this achievement didn’t come without its share of ups & downs. It’s rightly said that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride.

Here’s a short list of our achievements in this one year

What started as a single store has now expanding to 3 States and franchise enquiries pouring in from 4 more states. …

We were stubborn about two things when starting monQo.

And we were also sure that these two things will play a pivotal role in building a strong brand around monQo. Today, we are happy to tell that we’ve stuck to them despite many hurdles.

The Two Things

1) Do not compromise on the Quality. Period.

It pains us when we see customers are served substandardly. We made a vow that monQo customers are always served with top-notch Quality. Until now, you’ve experienced Quality in our Shakes menu & in-store experience. We are now making the Q in Quality much bolder and upfront. …

We went from being a newly launched brand to the talk of the town in 3 days. We didn’t spend huge money to achieve this. We just WhatsApped :)

MonQo was launched in Kochi to serve the best Milkshakes & Burgers. The Q in MonQo intentionally stands tall. It stands for the Quality of our milkshakes & burgers. We were open to public from Dec 2017. But that’s only half job done.

We had another task, a herculean one — to tell the town to taste the best milkshakes. We were present on all channels where the millennials hanged out…

When do you usually feel confident and pumped up?

I have multiple answers to this question. But the one closest to my heart is talking to youngsters. This gets me hopeful. This gets me pumped up. The energy with which the youngsters carry themselves in contagious.

I’ve experienced all of this again when Monqo recently participated in the Techkshetra at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kakkanad, Cochin. The initial purpose why we agreed to set up a stall was, to spread the word about the best milkshakes in Kochi to the food loving millennials

Laughter is brightest, where milkshake is the best.

Imagine this. A group of friends or set of a family members spending quality time in a soothing ambience and relishing a refreshing drink. That’s the vision of Monqo.

On December 7 2017, Monqo opened to public at Edapally near Lulu Mall, Kochi, Kerala to serve refreshing milkshakes, fresh juices, smoothies and lip smacking snacks.

And when we saw people flocking into Monqo on our launch day, we were more than happy to see the dream in real.


The Shakery House

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