Babies aren’t for everyone
Katina M

I always wanted kids. In fact, if you asked me in HS, without hesitation I’d answer, 3 kids and done birthing by 27.

I turn 31 this year.

My daughter turns 6 in June…my son turns 2 in October. My husband got a vasectomy in March, one month before he turned 30.

I won’t go into too much detail on how much the vasectomy tore my insides completely apart, just know that my second pregnancy was extremely hard and stressful…so stressful that it terrified my husband to get me pregnant again. Ever.

Now I question if we were too young when we had Lily…I wasn’t quite 24, hubby just turned 23. Married for a year and a half.

You can slice and dice your life a million ways to Sunday. You will always question the opposite decision from what you made.

Know that what will be, is meant to be. Even when those cards cut like a knife.

You are never ready for a baby (IMO!) so you take it in stride and strap on the safety belt. Millions of women have traveled the path and are full of wisdom.

Ask. Some will give freely, others will not.

The same goes for the women who chose to adult their own self (and possibly a heart mate and a furkid). Ask them too.

Now it is not unheard of when women START a family in their early 40’s. Don’t feel like you are an old maid when you hit 35….anything is possible. ❤

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