Influencer Reach Doesn’t Matter Anymore
Frank Danna

I recently left an agency that partnered brands with influencers. As it caught on more and more, influencers were then receiving content creation campaigns. Let me tell you about what content I’ve seen in 3 years: CRAP. An image to size for a certain social media channel, does nothing if the content is crap. What is worse is being paired with a brand you are excited to work with and the images they provide are equally crap or below that. I bring 1.4m Pinterest followers to the brands table…and you feed them Ramen Noodles. They want a 4 course meal that is so delightful they can’t wait to see what the next course is. Putting out a handful of great content with an influencer is going to be worth your time, effort and investment versus giving them 3+ times that in mediocre crap. Sigh.

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