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This isn’t about who I’m voting against. It’s about who I am voting for. I don’t see where I mentioned very many of Hillary’s many flaws but that’s not the main reason why I’ve chosen Stein and the Green Party this election year. I’m voting for Stein because her platform and vision for this country begins when it should; Right now. Because corporate overreach has placed our sovereignty in jeopardy. Because her rhetoric on black lives matches her decisions (VP pick). Because she’s intelligent. Because her VP can spend the night at a homeless shelter. Because she spray paints bulldozers. Because she stands with indigenous Americans. Because I care. Because the system is broken. Because war is a threat to human existence. Because climate change is a threat to human existence. Because the world is more interconnected and we need more understanders and less demanders if we’re ever going to get past this stage in the history of the world. But most importantly, I’m voting for her because she’s the right person for the job.