Monroe, you speak of urgency in addressing the issues we face, yet you plan to vote for a candidate…
Tom Christy

This isn’t simply about winning (though that is absolutely the present goal). This is about the acknowledgement of systemic failures within our current political infrastructure. Issues that are long overdue. We are the “Exit Loop”. A grassroots movement of political will that disrupts the status quo is currently essential. There will never be an appropriate time to call for an end to this system because it is never stable, and cannot be (as far as I am concerned). Hillary’s track record on war is problematic. Hillary’s ties to corporations is problematic. Hillary’s active silence on key issues facing her constituents is problematic. #DNCLeaks were problematic. The DNC in general is problematic. NDAA, TPP, TISA, NAFTA, etc. etc. etc. DEMOCRATS. We are in extraordinary times. If we stand together, you begin to hear those underrepresented masses, don’t you ? That’s why we’re having this conversation in the first place.

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