Best surgeon for FUE in LAHORE

Diferent factors contribute to hair loss which could be natural or artificial.Some of the natural causes include Age or the different pattern of life and diseases, whereas the artificial causes are cosmetic such as extensive use of hair makeups that are harsh or using a wrong product on your hair type.Irrespective of the cause a solution to hair lose is paramount as it improves the natural outlook of a person that brings about confidence.One of the major and permanent solution to hair loss is Hair transplant.

PRP Hair loss treatment is the act of extracting hair follicle from one part of the body and planting harvested hair to a different part where there is loss .Hair can be extracted using various traditional methods and the most common and the best method is called Follice unit extraction. Hair transplant cost in lahore is very reasonable.

FUE(follicle unit extraction) is one of the simplest and most reliable hair follicle(mammalian skin organ that produces hair) extraction technique that is used in hair transplant.This technique. has been in use in the entire univers and more so in Lahore,Pakistan for many years.This method uses a simple technology of hair transplant where hair is extracted in follicles units that consists of a set of one to four hairs from the donor site and is then planted one on one where there hair loss that is the recipient site.Mostly the donor site could be at the back of the head but if the hair is insufficient it can be removed from the patients chest,torso,legs,shoulders and even the legs.When hair is remove from the other parts of the body things such as texture ,rate of hair growth has to be considered.This hair is then grafted on the hairline or the eyebrows.Hence, PRP Hair loss treatment is reliable for everyone.

Fue is a very simple technique that can be done once or through a given number of times and compared to strip harvesting it takes quite sometime as hair is removed on a one one basis.It can also be painful process but its normally undertaken on outpatient basis at times with a sedation that is mild and under local anasthesia.Although there is no recovery, the recovery period from the Micro grafted Hair is less than 7 days.No stitch whatsoever is removed since no surgery is performed during this procedure.

The hair that is harvested is then grafted on the scap and the end result will be highly depended on the Doctors skill, experience and artistic nature.Since hair is removed naturally with no surgery this method yields better results as no scar is left .

Lahore has the most experience hair restoration surgeon called Dr Ahmad Chaudhry this makes his to get patients from all over the world.He does Hair restoration on the scalp ,eyebrows and eyelashes,and he is the best and most experienced Doctor for Fue Hair transplant.

Doctors here have years’ experience in performing Fue procedure and he is well known for the best results in Lahore .They do the procedure every day at least extracting 2500 to 3500 follicles and Hair transplant cost in Lahore is in range of everyone.

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