Temple Of The Seven Twilights

Monsieur M: A Biography

I first met Monsieur Mishimoto when he was in charge of supervising the Scientific Research Dept. of the secret organization known as “The Eastern Spectre” and led by n/a, the so-called “Emperor of the Underworld”. Everything went quite well for years in this realm of evil. Monsieur Mishimoto’s job was well paid and quite interesting. Alas! Good times always have an end, which came abruptly for our friend… a sinister story of power, envies and treason… wrongly condamned, Monsieur Mishimoto was sentenced to death but finally escaped safely from n/a’s HQs.

The only way to escape from the vengeful and deadly hand of the Emperor was to run further and further into a deep, moist Far East jungle. Monsieur Mishimoto lost his way for weeks but then reached very ancient and cyclopean ruins — lost and forgotten by mankind for millenia… remembering the old legends, he quickly realized where chance — or fate — had just led him: these were the ruins of the mythical Temple of the Seven Twilights!

The 39 Lessons

According to a now-heathen mythology, the Temple had been built long before the dawn of humanity by ancient gods whose names are forgotten since aeons. Then, the seven cursed gods came on earth and gave thirty-nine engraved stones to their mortal worshippers — urging them to watch forever over this ungodly treasure intended for the only initiates. The Thirty-Nine Cosmical Lessons are written on these stones — engraved by the hands of the Seven Gods… If the whole story was true — and the inhuman magnificence of the ruins surrounding Monsieur Mishimoto left no doubt: it had to be true — he was about to make the most important archeological discovery ever!

When Monsieur Mishimoto reached Switzerland, I first thought he was insane: he was hardly able to speak, feverish and thrilled, freaked out, stammering — or yelling — nonsenses about ancient gods from outer space and the monstrosity hidden away in some asian jungle: that weak and mad scum couldn’t be the same “Mishi” I had known years ago.

Time went by. My friend got better and finally led me to the Temple Of The Seven Twilights, I’ve seen the Stones and the Writings on them: these are not human — they just can’t — and I still feel the cosmical Cold that almost killed when I laid my eyes upon the Statues of the Seven Gods: no human mind, not even the most degenerate one, can imagine such creatures, no human hand would be able to carve such horror.



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