Nazism: what it is, why we fight it, and how
Yonatan Zunger

What a piece of crap article. The author is trying to co-mingle the political spectrum of the US with Europe of the past.

Hitler killed 17M. Communism killed 100M last century. The communists were the anti-fascist of the last century.

This author glamorizes communism and communist snipers in an all not so subtle attempt to glamorize and normalize violence against conservatives (i.e. republicans). It’s ok to punch someone if you “think” he might be a nazi. Really?

And, if the author was serious about addressing worldwide fascism they might want to look at islam with over 700M murdered in violence and jihad. 400M in the Hindu empire alone! The islamic ideology is oppressing minorities worldwide with genocides that make Nazis look like amateurs.

The author is right in some sense. We are seeing the incredibly dangerous normalization of political violence by the left which is essentially is a communist party.

Conservatives need to speak up against this slippery justification of violence. We will give you no quarter. We will give you no peace. We will give you no sympathy. We will give you no mercy.

You are delusional if you think that the 20% of us hard working Americans paying 87% of taxes for the recipient class will willingly bend over for your communist ideology, you are sadly mistaken.

With 70% of the military, police and actual productive Americans (i.e. tax positive) siding as conservatives do you actually think you have a chance pitching your crazy communist (anti-fascist) propaganda?

The author even goes as far to elude to civil war. “oooh. That will get conservatives shaking in their boots,” he thinks in his head.

What is takes to succeed on in business are very similar traits it takes to succeed in war. If civil war comes to the US, the recipient class will be cut down very fast by those of us choosing liberty over tax slavery to pay for everyone else and the tyranny of the majority.

You see, once the money stops, the recipient class does not know how to feed and care for themselves. They quickly turn on each other. The producer class will clean up the remains.

Bottom line. Your article sucks like most communist propaganda