Prepare for the MOGA Tokenomics Evolution with a sneak peek at Token Utility


It’s happening…Monster Galaxy’s Tokenomics is about to evolve! And that means, the MOGA ecosystem is about to get a whole lot stronger. To help you prepare for this epic transformation, we’ve put together an overview of each token’s utility.


What is it?

Gcoin is a brand new blockchain-powered stablecoin. It offers all the benefits of cryptocurrency (instant processing, store of value, privacy, and security) without any of the negatives (frequent fluctuations in value). Thanks to its USD backing ($1 = 1G), Gcoin’s price will remain stable! You can purchase Gcoin with fiat currency in game v2.0 via App Store or Google Play.

What can it do?

Trade: Gcoin will be used for all transactions on both the in-game and web-based Marketplace.

Redeem: Gcoin can be exchanged for USDT.

Buy: Gcoin can be used to purchase Moga and Blindboxes or to pull from the premium Gacha.

Experience increased Marketplace stability with GCoin


What is it?

GGM is the original in-game currency that is now transitioning to its intended role as governance token. Essentially, GGM represents your stake in the MOGA DAO and gives you the power to shape the MOGA community’s future.

What can it do?

Create: GGM can be used to create leagues and establish VIP privilege. Both of these features will become available in a future game update.

Governance: GGM will be your voice, allowing you to participate in DAO governance, which includes voting and exclusive airdrops.

Defi: GGM can be staked to earn rewards.

Tournament: With GGM, you can purchase tickets to attend MOGA tournaments.

Shape the future of Monster Galaxy with GGM


What is it?

MGOLD is a new dedicated currency for making purchases within the Monster Galaxy game. The rewards that players receive for completing tasks or earning achievements will be distributed in MGOLD. Additionally, MGOLD can be purchased using GCoin.

What can it do?

In-game Rewards: MGOLD is given as a reward for progress made in the game, including task completion and achievements.

Play & Spend: MGOLD can be purchased or earned in Monster Galaxy and is used primarily for activities and payments related to gameplay.

Play, earn, spend with MGold

Join the Monster Galaxy universe!

It’s easy to explore the world of Monster Galaxy!

  1. First, download the app from our website. If you have been using the app already as a tester, please delete the previous version and download the new one.
  2. Then, open the game and enter your e-mail address to receive a unique verification code.
  3. Use that code and you’re all set!

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