How Do You Know If Your AC System Needs Replaced?

How do you know when to replace your air conditioning system? Is there a little light that comes on that says, don’t bother repairing me, I’m done? Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes it’s difficult to know when you are going to need a new air conditioning unit or if a repair will suffice. The good news is that Pond’s Plumbing Heating and AC is here to help.

Before you begin shopping for a new air conditioning system or deciding to call in the professionals to repair your existing system, you need to ask yourself a few vital questions about your current system in order to assess its condition.

When Is The Last Time My Air Conditioner Has Needed Repair?

One of the first things you should ask yourself is how often are you calling in a repair service to make repairs to your system. If the answer is that you are seemingly constantly calling in the Calvary to rescue you from the oppressive heat of summer, then odds are you should start looking for a new AC unit. While it may seem cheaper to make the necessary repairs and keep the old system going, the truth of the matter is that these repairs will add up over time and eventually become cost prohibitive. And while it might seem like it’s less expensive now, replacing your older unit may wind up costing you less in the long run.

Is My Air Conditioner Able to Meet My Demands?

Another sign that your air conditioner might be on the brink of a catastrophic failure is its inability to keep your home at a stable temperature. It’s not uncommon for the temperature in a room to increase over your thermostat’s setting if you have insulation issues. However, if you don’t, you may be experiencing issues with your ductwork or air conditioning unit. At this point, calling in HVAC experts to inspect your ductwork is probably the first step. But, if your ductwork is intact, you are probably going to be faced with the prospect of having to buy a new AC system.

How Old Is My Air Conditioner, Anyway?

Replacing an aging air conditioner before it begins to fail is something that many people don’t consider. However, it offers you several advantages. The number one advantage is that you will be able to enjoy climate control during the heat of summer. However, another benefit is that you can take advantage of technological advancements that are designed to cool your home using less energy. A new unit will not only not leave you high a dry in the middle of summer, it will also create lower utility bills, which can offset the initial cost of acquisition and installation. And, of course, you won’t have to continue paying for repair bills for a failing AC unit.

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