Motor Vehicle Accidents ranks at №3 for most filed Boston Police report

According to the Boston Police Department Crime Incident Reports from August 2015 to date, the leading filed police reports are motor vehicle accidents. The data used in this analysis started in August of 2015, instead of January — which would have accounted for the entire year of 2015 — therefore, it is unclear as to whether or not there has been an increase of accidents from 2015 to 2017. However, based off the data provided one can conclude the districts with highest accident reports year after year as well as month in which those districts experience the highest number of incidents.

The data shows Roxbury, Dorchester and the South End as the top three districts with the highest reports of vehicle accidents. Roxbury leads all three districts with 15,800 for 2016 and 37,004 reports dating back to August 2015. Also, that data displays seven out of 12 districts experience their peak in accident reports in the month of August, Roxbury being one of the seven districts.

Roxbury, as it may have its rough areas, is well known for being a hotspot for college students to rent apartments due to inexpensive housing and convenient location near campus. I spoke with a current Roxbury resident who lives off of Blue Hill Avenue to see what she had to say about Roxbury’s high vehicle accident reports; this is what she had to say. “It’s probably the way the streets are set up, with weird intersections, tons of one ways that aren’t clearly marked and construction” said Morgan Bouie, 22, Boston University graduate student and Maryland native. “It’s possible that most accidents peak between August and September because that’s around the same time students are moving into their apartments. You have moving trucks, and a lot more younger drivers on the road during this time of the year.”

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