Five Classic Christmas Films You Should Watch This Season

Montague Cinemas
Feb 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Christmas time is fast approaching and you may be wanting to make some great memories of your own. Is it the smell of cookies? The glisten of snow? Or your favorite Christmas special? Nothing says Christmas more than grabbing a hot cocoa and watching old Christmas films. We’ve put together five movies you just have to see this holiday season. Make new memories this year, and revisit old ones.

It’s A Wonderful Life

If you haven’t seen this movie, you have definitely heard of it. The story follows the character of George Bailey throughout his life. One night after his misfortunes just seem to be too much, George makes a wish that will forever change his outlook on life. After he is shown his wrong way of thinking by a friendly angel, George comes to know the true meaning of family what it is to be thankful.

Miracle of 34th Street

This classic film will make you believe in Christmas miracles again. When the character of Kris Kringle meets Doris Walker, he ends up filling in for an intoxicated Santa for the Christmas parade. After claiming to be the real Santa, Kris is put on trial to determine his mental state and maybe if he truly is Santa Claus. You will laugh, cry, and most importantly be put into the Christmas spirit with this jolly film!

A Christmas Story

A little rough around the edges, Ralphy and his family find true Christmas joy as he embarks on daydreams and schemes to get a red ryder bb gun. You can enjoy this film with loved ones and laugh at the reality of what Christmas memories are really made of. But, don’t shoot your eye out!

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Now you know Dasher and Dancer, but join Rudolph in this feel good family film. This classic movie finds Rudolph and his elf friend Kirby trying to find how their unique qualities make them truly special. Along the way they find that the things they thought were wrong about them are the things that make them great! This film will have adults revisiting sentiments of Christmas past and having children making memories in Christmas present.

The Little Drummer Boy

This sentimental, classic film follows the journey of a little drummer boy named Aaron. A sad and lonely orphan, he only finds joy in playing his drum for his animal friends who are made up of a donkey, camel and lamb. A boy with a sad past, he has become hard to the world. As he is snatched into adventure and even danger, he finds his way to true gratitude when he visits the manger scene. Aaron plays his drum for the new baby and his parents in the hope of saving his sweet little lamb.

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