How To Stand Out As A Local Business

Montague Cinemas
Feb 13, 2019 · 3 min read
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Attention small business owners- It’s time to up your game!

If you’re looking to start a business or to make your business stand out, you may be asking yourself how. Is it charm, history, or fun ideas that make you set apart from other businesses in your area? Whatever business you have it’s important that people remember you and keep coming back again and again. Here are our three tips:

Bring It To Life

Every business has something special about them. Find the unique aspect in the story of your business, whether it’s the history of the building, how the business started, or the idea behind it. Capitalize on what makes your business different and then make that story known to the public. Whether it’s sharing fun facts on your social media or framing history from the building and putting it up for customers to read, it will all add to your story and make your business more endearing.

Create Traffic

A good way to make your business a success and to get it to shine above the rest is the hold events. Creating foot traffic and buzz about your business is a fun way to show locals that you have a specific vision and want to create opportunities to have memories made. Hold monthly contests where people can win prizes or services. Creating memories and opportunities brings people back through your doors time and time again to revisit the fun they had the last time they visited. Make it fun for people and the business will follow. Also, be sure to incorporate social media into the fun, so word of your business reaches far.

Be Involved

If you’re a local business then you have to have a love for the community around you. Find ways to be involved in the town festivals, fundraisers and even the local high school. Capitalize on the demographic around you and find a good way to have your business involved. Whether you sponsor the local animal shelter, host free movie night events, or set up a booth every Saturday at the farmer’s market, people won’t be able to deny that you have a special business, simply because you are there. All of these efforts help your business name more recognizable, and eventually that will peak interest with the local public to come and see what your shop is all about.

Find A Niche

When you have a specific niche, such as a classic movie theater, your business is already set to stand out. If you have something specific you offer that no one else does locally, people will have to come through your doors to enjoy themselves or find what they are looking for. See what needs the community has and what is missing in your town. Once you know what’s missing in the area around you, find ways for your business to possibly fill that need and attract customers. Not only will this bring in foot traffic, but it will also set your business apart and make it truly special.

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