The Importance of Film in Society

Montague Cinemas
Feb 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Films through the years have brought us joy, tears, laughter and heart-ache. Countless first dates, nights out to the movies, and family memories have been made watching film. Montague Cinemas understands the importance of having a place to go and watch some of your favorite movies from past and present because of the importance film has brought to society. We’ve put together some top reasons as to why film is so important in society today.

Entertainment and Togetherness

Entertainment has always been apart of the human culture. There were times it was as primitive as acting out life events with masks made of animals and it has now evolved into watching an action, thriller full of CGI and surround sound. Either way, humans have always wanted to find a way to entertain themselves. What is it about entertainment, and now movies, that has always brought people together? It may remain a mystery, but one thing is for sure, films bring people together again and again.

Social Issues and Discussions

No matter how much people may or may not want to get along, there are often social divides. The beauty in film is its ability to bring people together on issues that may seem miles apart. It only takes one good movie for someone who has a completely different view to see the opposing sides outlook through the open heart of a non-threatening character. With this ability, film can bring people of different cultures, beliefs, and political views to have more compassion, empathy and understanding of one another in a non-threatening way. Valuing what it means to bring people together, we show films from all times in history. This allows for gateways into conversations with your children, friends, and coworkers about topics or issues that may otherwise be difficult to discuss.

Shaping Minds Through Film

Whether we realize it or not, entertainment and movies shape our minds and our outlook on life. They bring us knowledge, teach us facts, and help us understand each other. When someone sits down to watch a movie, they are taking in what the film maker intended them to see as reality redirected into entertainment. Even if that reality is distorted, trends, themes, and fads of culture have been born from the screens of movies.

Fun Facts

We can learn a lot from the stories told to us through film. Some movies take place in far off countries we may otherwise not even have an understanding of. Movies aren’t only fictional, many relay historical facts, geographical information, and even cultural understanding for all those who watch them. You can stories about our world and learn fun facts by viewing some historic films at our classic family movie theater. Find inspiration for the future by learning about the past and the world around us through film.

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