can i get over than 100 likes for this article?

honestly i think this is a crazy idea but i’m here to share with you something that i was trying to accomplish for many months , but unfortunately it didnt work as i want .

so my objective is to get over than 100 likes for my aricles , do you think it’s possible? , i do and i’m willing to keep fighting until i reach my goal. in fact i dont know why i didnt reach my objective yet , is it because of my bad level in english or because of my style on writing , anyway all what i want to say is that writing is the most difficult area in every language.

for accomplishing this goal you have to be a voracious reader , because it will enable you to create your own style , and to be more professional , however my advice for you is to keep fighting until you reach the top and never ever think to give up , otherwise you have to remember that light is always at the end of the tunnel. dont be scared or afraid of new challenges and the crticism of people, indeed you have to be courageous and ready to face any adversity.

thanks for reading and please dont forget to help me to achieve more than 100 likes!!.