how to stop worrying and start living

i recently downloaded the book of Dale Carnegie “how to stop worrying and start living” over six millions copies sold, so this is a sure sign that the book is so useful therefore i recommend everybody to start reading this book , i have not finished it but i have the impression that i dont want to end it because i feel that every idea has a price is inestimable so i am taking my time memorize it and apply it because if i dont do this method obviously i will forget the whole ideas that i read then i am just wasting my time .

so some of the things that i have learned is that if you have a worry about something and you feel that you’re frustrated and distracted therefore the unique remedy of this problem is to keep yourself busy all the time not just mechanically but also mentally so it will be no place for worries.

the second thing i got it is that if you have problem i advice you to apply this strategy:

  • you have to identify the problem.
  • identify the causes of this problem.
  • and propose all the solutions possible for solving this issue.
  • choose one of them carrefly and start applying it immediately without rethink again about the problem.

the third thing is another solution for keeping yourself away from worries

  • imagine the worst thing that can happen if you failed in your mission or dream.
  • accept it as man because it’s not the end of the world and dont forget that if you failed it doesn’t mean that you’re a loser instead it means that the plan that you’re working with it is not the right one so you have to change it.
  • do whatever you can for avoiding the worst scenario of the failure .

as i said before i didnt yet completed the book so i am sure that it still many informations and ideas to learn so i will write you the whole stuffs that i will get from this book.

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