“ Persist and Resist…”

the persistance and the resistance against any form of distaction and indifference are the only way to achieve what you’re looking for.

i believe that making is not spontaneous or easy to get , so firstly we need to know ourselves and to reveal our strenths and weaknesses. despite that when we identify what we want we get stucked to nowhere .

generally the majority of us are good starters and bad finishers. so we have to change our plan and to build a process full of persistance and resistance. we need to persist what we’re looking for , no matter how much price is we shall be able to pay it , because there is no something for nothing .

the second thing is reinforce your resistance against any form of distraction and indifference ? the world is full of distracation and the shutt , so we need to create a new mentality which will enable us to stick at our plan and never loose the right track.