this is why i dont have a girlfriend !!

i believe that hanging out with my girlfriend is usually a waste of me precious time, so there are many useful things that i can make instead of doing such thing.

generally all the realtions between boys and girls are destined to be failed . moreover, i have seen many experiences wich happened the same thing, when you have a girlfriend you will feel the lack of freedom and sufferance especially if you’re jealous , it will be a disaster for you , you will experience the saddest moments in your life ( and the good ones too but unfortunately they are too short).

i felt too distracted from doing my tasks, so instead of focusing in the my plan for achieving my dreams i spent the whole days using the social media.i really felt too frustrated when i did such things and that’s why i prefer fucking hoockes instead of looking for a new girl.

my life is too short , thus i need to be focused to spend my time with the people that i love and with the job that i like to work in.

dont misunderstand me but i’m talking about my personal life , so i believe that we’re different and i respect the point of view of everyone.

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