what i have learnt in 21 years…

i have learnt that making success is not easy as a lot of people are saying this is just a bullshitt i dont believe it but i believe that making progress is a stratigie that i have to plan it and follow it for changing the whole of all my life .

actually i have a plan i want to share it with you . i am studying engineering of mechanic and this is my fourth year so it still another year for getting my degree so i will be an engineer in wind energy so i have to work so hard for improving my level ,moreover i shall speak norwegian language in one year so it’s not easy and i know it’s not evident for anyone but i believe this citation

“learn everything you can, anytime you can , from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

so as conclusion you have to word hard and believe in your mind that you succeed if you put the sufficient time and energy for it.

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