which startup are you going to create ?

launching a startup is a dream for every young entrepreneur . i find it too excited because you’re the only who is responsible about everything in the company, it means that you can fire or hire anyone , choose the apropriate decision for your company…

actually i’m in the process of learning how can i be a successful entrepreneur, because launching a startup it doesnt mean that i will become a millionair on overnight. so i need to improve my skills and build a strong personality which will enable me to achieve what i want.

i have read many books about entrepreneurship and each of them gave me a new aspect and conception which i can use for starting my own company , despite that i have not gotten my diploma in engineering yet ,but i am focusing to try to learn as much as i can about how can i manage a company or how to motivate my employees…

indeed i try to invest in myself because the most profitable project is to build the new person that you want to become in the future. remember that the most useful way to predict the future is to try to creat it .

keep in your mind that making money is not easy , especially when we are talking about millions of dollars, so you need to avoid the shut that some people saying about the easiest ways to make money quickly , because this is just a distraction and there is no such thing in real life.

finally i just want to say that you need to study and learn as much as you can , and try be patient with yourself, in addition to that you need to be a good listener for learning from yours and others people mistakes.

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