Lauren Modery

It’s like living in a hotel room, with cooking facilities. A studio apartment at Uni with two in it. I think getting rid of most of the crap around here that requires my attention dusting it and moving it around carefully while I dust it again, wondering why I have a hutch full of dishes that have to be dusted when we use the Cheap Stuff that never breaks in the kitchen. Why do we have 15 coffee cups when there are just two of us and we don’ t drink coffee… We have so much extraneous crap in this house that we could do without. But if I got a tiny house, I would need two tiny houses and a shed because where would I put all my yarn, and tools to make things with it, and where would he put all his fishing parifanalia. So, I will wish for a small cabin someday and continue to be stuck in a house far larger than I need or want and start giving my stuff away a little at a time to my grandkids for their mother to dust. hahaha… oh, that made me laugh.

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