Most of the Data collected was conducted at the Hamel VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post #5903 in Plymouth, Friday night dinner hosted by the VFW auxiliary.

NOTE: Due to the difficulty in actually finding 15 people who use a prosthetic, data presented includes individuals that don’t have a prosthetic themselves, but might have some sort of association with those that do (friend, relative, family member, doctor).



A) BENCHMARK — Similar products:


  1. *Market potential- need for REMOVABLE gripping pads specifically to fit variations in prosthetic hands (steel, plastic, rubber, silicone).
  2. Mechanical prosthetic hands-$3,000-$25,000-Features: non-slip permanent pads, assisted grip control, washable.

3. e grip non-slip adhesive Strips-$24.95-Anti-skid and slip material, semi-removable, easily cleaned with damp cloth.

  • Gecko Grip tape-$17.00-Rubbery,non-slip gripping hold.
  • Grip strips -$9.00-cuts to size, peel and stick, no sticky residue.

4. Ezyoutdoor non-slip gel pad gloves-($5.99 -$12.99 amazon)-Features:-non-slip gel pad, variety of sizes, flexible material (could be used to go over prosthetic hand).


  1. Flex Foot Cheetah Blades- $15,000 -Spring action bounce to step, reduced ground impact shock.
  • Ossur Proprio foot prosthesis -$25,000-Motor powered, smooth ground compliance.

2. Z-Coil-$79.95-Enclosed spring system, added mesh material for reduced tension/pressure.

  • Spring Flex “True Bounce”-$167.00-Super Spring cushion, hidden/concealed springs.

3. DuraWalk/orange pad-($? will not give out pricing unless I am an O & P practitioner with an account #)-integrated flexible spring design of the toe pad and heel.

  • Ossur flex foot Axia prosthetic with rubber foot-$1000+, $599 (e-bay), Spring heel action, smooth gate.
  • Niagara foot (black)-$35/$79-Impact resistant, spring absorption, Dupont Delrin material, light weight, strong, affordable.

4. Z-Coil-$59.95-slip resistant, spring action for assist, replacement coils available.

  • Gitibaba foot pads(blue bottoms)-$16.99-Full spring insole, inexpensive to replace when worn out.

*Market potential 2&4 (on 2 x 2)-Use tennis shoe technology of replacing a simple spring to use with foot prosthetics to keep cost down.


  1. *Market potential: Every # in 2 x 2 because no products were found that actually have the option to extend the prosthetic claw. Modification idea would be to have a fold in and out claws.
  • Hosmer split hooks(claw hands)-$449-($918+)-strong gripping feature, slight extension capabilities of claw hooks.

2. NXT robot claw — $25.00-light weight, open close functions, can build out to extend claw.

  • Toysmith Robot claw-$8.65-extension and build out capability, ability to grab small objects.

3. MC electric artificial claw hand- Version 1C:custom made-claw kits range from $162.00 to$649.00 (amazon/e bay), longer claw reach, stronger grip.

4. Aluminum Alloy Robotic Claw-$25.00-light weight, ability to make claw longer.

  • Skeleton Hand Claw-$43.00-light weight, long claws for extended reach.


Note: Storage compartments in prosthetics are rare and difficult to find because they are a customized feature for an individual.

  1. Adjustable Prosthetics-$?? (unable to find), access panels lacing system used for socket changing purposes, not as a storage compartments. Only used to show potential storage compartment idea.
  2. Bespoke Innovation leg covers-$4,000-$6,000, Inset with storage compartment in leg area.
  3. Revolimb Prosthetic leg- $ -need account to access pricing: est. $2,300 (based on other socket leg), Access panel to release and expand socket for adjustment; not used as a storage compartment.
  4. Basic split hook prosthetic arm-$3,000–$10,000-Customizes cut out for I-phone insert into lower arm.
  • Hair brush, water bottle, leg wallet- $13.00-$24.00, all represent the idea of storage compartments for a prosthetic arm.
  • Market potential: #4 (on 2 x 2)- Keep storage compartment simple to keep costs down and market as a convenient feature.


  1. Instrumented Prosthetic foot- $15,000-Instrument sensor attached along the foot prosthetic for detecting change in weight distribution.
  2. ProCare Evenup shoe balancer-$17.00- Attaches to bottom of shoe for added height to reduce strain from unnatural gait.
  • Leveler attachment to shoe(concept idea)- $29.00-Easy to read to keep balance in check when walking or standing.

3. Balance meter/leveler attachment for prosthetic leg (concept idea)$200.00 estimate-Balance meter signals when weight distribution is not even with buzzing sound (on/off switch feature).

4. Additional forms of balance measuring tools.

*Marketing potential #2&3 (on 2 x 2)-Based on the survey take the “balance meter” was viewed as “a need” for prosthetics. It would help reduce wear on the lower limb prosthetics and help maintain ones body alignment.


URL- www.google.com/patent/wo1994010943A1 — “Coil Spring Prosthetic Foot”

This patent is the most relevant to the “SPRING PAD” idea. It has a coil spring system in the center of the prosthetic foot area to assist in movement.

URL — www.google.com/patent/us8323354 — “Instrumented Prosthetic Foot”

This patent is most relevant to the “BALANCE METER” idea. It has a sensor attached along the foot prosthetic for detecting changes in weight distribution.

URL- www.google.com/patent/us20130274895 — “Adjustable Prosthesis” This patent was only relevant to the “storage arm” because of an access panel which could resemble the idea behind a storage compartment. In this idea the panel was used for socket changing for the leg prosthesis, where the panel was accessed by a lacing up system.

This patent idea is most relevant to the “STORAGE ARM” idea.

URL- www.google.com/patents/us7361197 — “Prosthetic hand having a conformal, compliant grip and opposable functional thumb” The idea behind this patent is that the fingers can collapse (fold in) and extend out.

This patent idea is most relevant to the “CLAW EXPANDER” idea.

URL www.google.com/patents/CN203256210U “Ant-slip and scratch resistant adhesive tape fast to use” This non slip tape can be applied to smooth surfaces and is scratch resistant so should wear down.

This patent idea is most relevant to the “GRIP STRIP” idea.

FEASIBLE: Biggest concern

SPRING PAD — Quality: Trying to make a universal pad that can fit into the many different feet prosthetics available.

BALANCE METER — Finding a way to make the balance meter visible so the user can frequently check the level feature to adjust his/her weight distribution when standing/walking/running.

STORAGE ARM — The cost/low production: adding extra labor cost to add a storage compartment to a basic prosthetic arm (which is already costly) would be considered customized, and not covered by insurance.

CLAW EXPANDER — Making it work without jeopardizing the durability and strength of the solid structure of the stainless steel claw. Look into modifying original concept of claw expanding/extending as a pull out feature, to a collapsible fold in feature.

GRIP STRIP — Cost/patent infringement: Making sure the product idea does not infringe on another similar gripping strip product. Prior art would need to be thoroughly explored by an attorney because of the number of patents already existing for Gripping products.


Market Survey

Benchmark 2x2s and patent search



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