Island girl ❤

~ Living in the island is like having your own what I call “a Lucky Paradise”.

Polillo Group of Islands is located in the north-eastern region of the Philippine archipelago. It is separated from Luzon Island by the Polillo Strait. It is divided by the three Municipalities such as Polillo the southern part of the Island, Burdeos the north-eastern part and the northwest portion is the Panukulan and the remaining islands are the municipality of Jomalig and Patnanungan.

Living in the Island from the beginning teaches you to swim in an early age it was like a SOP for an Island girl like me, teaches you to help your parent for doing the house chores, giving you a wonderful childhood like playing a street games every weekend which you also earned a lot of friends and playing with fire was okay to our parents because we’re like doing our assignment using that light of fire if there was a brownout and it’s made you a diligent student because we don’t know if there will be an electricity in the evening, sometimes we were catching fish in the morning using a thread of nylon and a small hook enough for catching fish and when the low tide came we were going to picked some sea shells and grilled them on coal by the sea shore. My hobby is to go to Bato Beach located at Brgy. Agta, it is like my spot whenever I want to swim with my friends until the sundown, looking at the clear blue sky and the crystal clear sea water makes you stay there longer and the calmness of the sea is giving you a peace of mind. I am really glad that I spend my childhood on this island.

Islanders are riding big boat (Bangka) is like you’re in the rocking chair but it is rocking side by side — in the good weather but if you’re riding a bangka and the weather is not good get hold because you are going to experience the real viking feels. They ride bangka going to the cities like Manila and Lucena. That Bangka can transport passengers and cargos like petroleum and diesel. The main transportations in the island are tricycle, bicycle and jeeps for going to the barrios because it is quite far and rough but the road is on-going construction for the smooth and fast road. This Island use a heat (thermal) energy generated so if there is no supply of petroleum you can assume that the next hours or days are having a black out for the some Islands. We’ve also experiencing a brownout in the island by the mere of a thunderstorm, rains and lightning but if there’s a typhoon you must always have a lamp or candles ready so you can move and see if they cut the current. This is the thrilling and exciting part living in the island.

The main income generation of the island are from fishing and farming. Fisher men post their bait near the Pacific Ocean where they can catch many big good fish and sometimes they’ve got octopus, squids, stingrays and crabs. They sell them to the near towns like Dinahican, Infanta and Real, Quezon. In farming you’re going to give a lot of time and a lot of work to do but after less than 4 months you will be ready to harvest your crop. Unfortunately this last harvest time they’ve experienced a very bad harvest because of the pest “black bug” that’s what they called they ate the tops of the palays, so they only harvested one sack of palay for a less than hectare. I hope they can find a pesticide that can kill that entire black bug so that the farmers can get what they lost for their last harvest.

Polillo Group of Islands

Polillo Group of Islands is near the Pacific Ocean where the many typhoons are came from and sometimes it was 30% straight to Polillo Islands. Fortunately some typhoons course /route were always on the southward part of the island Early in the morning of 2004, PAGASA declared a typhoon signal 4 to Polillo Group of Islands, no one tried to go to the ocean for fishing because they knew that it was a life threatening, but luckily sunrise greet us with his sunshine while the gustiness is there but not so strong ad mist of typhoon signal 4 children plays like the ordinary day while the elders were monitoring the sea if there is changing of tides, according to weather forecast this typhoon can cause a storm surge that the possible height of waves can be 5 meters. Thinking that the island is surrounded with water it gave us creeps and all we have to do is to pray, hoping that the typhoon will melt or just go back to the pacific-ocean.

~ Bless the Islanders and this Islands.

Bato Beach, Agta