Comedy Podcast: Procrastination Leads to Self Realization

So my roommates, friends and I had just finished watching the 5th Episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead and I had some homework to finish. So naturally I checked what I had to do and started to crack away at it. I finished my COMM214 assignments and looked over my other two that I needed to finish tonight. The more I looked into my writing assignment I realized that I needed to write a podcast that pertained to the comedy side. Naturally I thought that I would come up with something like a skit or a satirical newscast but I am not that good at being sarcastic intentionally to be funny or that imaginative when it comes to creating a skit.

So now I am stuck in this place of thinking where to find my comical genius from and that’s when things start to take a turn for the worst. I am currently sitting here doing everything besides that. I was on twitter on my laptop and my phone at the same time. I browsed Facebook seeing that Kendall Kardashian took a week break from Instagram and saw that one million people were talking about it, what’s wrong with those one million people!? Listened to somewhere over the rainbow by IZ about 20 times in a row and to some New Found Glory to help encourage the creative juices to flow to help restrain the procrastination from resurfacing. I also thought a little bit about how my singing career wouldn’t work out in a punk band as badly as I want that to work out.

Then I started thinking about how I would start to reiterate a funny scene from family guy and make it my own but, I figured that one wouldn’t go down because of the whole academic dishonesty thing that goes around…So really the two hours that it had taken me to figure out what I wanted to do, I came to conclusion that I am not a funny person on the spot and that I would barely finish this assignment before the due date.