Twitter Engagement Experiment

Over the course of a few days we were tasked to tweet one of our most popular Medium stories. While we were tweeting that, each tweet used a different headline in it to help gather new readers and to see what trends made the other headline more stronger than the others. Below are the three tweets I had used;

Now these three headlines were picked from a longer list of twenty-five headlines. Those are included below;

Football star takes a knee, the whole nation makes an uproar
The Knee that started the fire
Reemergence of sports stars and protests for inequality
Kaepernick and his Knee
Kaepernick’s infamous knee
Taking a knee while the whole country takes a shit
The mastermind behind sports stars protesting inequality
49ers become the protesters
San Francisco QB takes a knee for inequality
Football and inequality
#Blacklivesmatter receive support from 49ers and other sports stars
#Blacklivesmatter protests taking place in football stadiums
Thoughts about Kaepernick and his knee
Kaepernick, Kneeing, and Kontroversy
Sports icons and inequality protests
Historical protests repeating themselves
Sports stars and their influence on current events
Sports stars and their effects on social movements
Kaepernick going down, controversy rising
Kaepernick to change jersey lettering to #Blacklivesmatter
49ers Back at it again with another win, not football related
Kaepernick takes a knee during the anthem, whole nation shaken by it
The power and influence of sports icons and social movements
NFL starting to protest with recent social movements
Multimillionaire protests for Inequality

Now out of those three headlines I had tweeted, they had a wide variety of engagements and impressions. Impressions are the number of people who viewed the tweet, and engagements are the number of people who had clicked on the link. The tweet headlined “San Francisco QB takes a knee” received 99 impressions and 3 engagements. The other tweet headlined “The power and influence on sports stars and social movements” received 138 impressions and 2 engagements. Lastly the tweet headlined “#Blacklivesmatter recieve support 49ers and other sports stars” had 124 impressions and 5 engagements. The tweet involving #Blacklives matter probably had received the most engagements because it is a pretty prevalent movement going on now and received the most interest. Personally I did not notice any likes or retweets among my followers so those engagements were probably through people who were looking through the list of tweets associated with the blacklivesmatter hashtag.

Twitter Analytics for the three tweets that were re-headlined
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