Pratt Day 2

My second day at the Pratt school was much like the first day. It’s so interesting to see how honest the kids are. I helped them pick out their book bags. Which is a ziplock bag that conisits of 5 books that each student picks out. There are 4 levels of books A, B, C, D. The A books are the easiest reading level. Out of a class of 20 something students it’s sad to me to see how few of the kids can barely read A books let alone the higher level books. In the class there is a kid named Bjorn. Bjorn is by far the best reader in the class and he knows it. It is weird to me that some families don’t make reading a priority. I can’t remember a time when my mom wasn’t reading me books or buying them for me.

P.s. sorry this is a week late.

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