Pratt Day 3

Pratt day 3 was by far the most eye opening trip so far. Ms. Carlson had me give the students 2 timed letter tests. The first consisted of of a bunch of letters in random order and the objective was to name as many of the letters as you can in 1 min. The second was the same worksheet but instead of naming the letters you say the letters sound. There was also a new student in the class who’s name is Mohammed. Mohammad’s family recently moved to the U.S. from Kawait. The other students in the class definitely saw a difference in the way Mohammed acted compared to them and did not keep their opinions to themselves. Going back to the timed test… It was good to see that some of the kids who had the hardest time reading were at least able to recognize some letters. I also noticed that the biggest mistakes were in distinguishing the letters b a d. The better readers naturally did better, but if I were to grade I’d say the class average was about a B- But there were some kids who still were only able to name a few right and another student only knew 4 letters total and named the same 4 letters over and over again for every letter. I feel so blessed to have been raised by a family that prioritized education.

P.s Pratt does not have school tomorrow so I will not be going so I think up something else to write about

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