Processing Community Day Quito 2019

After attending the first Processing Community Day (PCD) in Boston in 2017, I was excited to know that the next PCD would be celebrated all around the world. This is my recap of my experience participating in the PCD Quito Ecuador 2019.

My friend Gabriel Andrade was the main organizer of the event, and I was invited to be one of the international guests, and to help curate the rest of the lineup. We decided that the guests should be native Spanish speakers who had experience teaching Processing, and from different backgrounds. We were happy that both Sharon Lee de la Cruz and Andrés Colubri accepted the invitation to do artist talks and teach workshops and completed the lineup.


Our event happened on February 08 2019, and all the information for the attendees and for ticketing was uploaded to

We had help from the authorities from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in particular from the Graphic Design and Interactive Media program. They helped us with hosting the event, with funding for the main costs of the event and with staff to help the event run smoothly.

The cost of attending the event was 20 USD, and we had a discounted ticket of 10 USD for people from the hosting university community. This ticket included access to all the talks, workshops, lunch, coffee, and snacks.

Program Schedule

The detailed schedule is available on the website, and here are some highlights of the day.

We started with a welcome talk explaining to the community what Processing is, why we are doing the event and detailing the activities for the day, and with an emphasis on making people comfortable to actively participate, to ask questions, and to make friends during the day.

After the welcome talk, we had artist talks by the invited speakers, who talked about their art practice, their projects and their day-to-day work, and about their Spanish-speaking media arts collaborators.

The guest speakers also taught workshops, which included introduction to programming workshops for graphics, sound, and mobile apps.

After all the workshops, we did a showcase of projects created with Processing, p5.js, and other free libre open source software tools. For achieving this we did an open call for the students at the university and for the atendees, and we set up stands and people shared their interactive projects.

We ended the day with live music and live sound-reactive visuals programmed in Processing.


Thanks to Gabriel Andrade and the whole team at Universidad at San Francisco de Quito, who hosted and organized this beautiful day.

Thanks to the guest speakers Sharon Lee de la Cruz and Andrés Colubri, who were so generous and enthusiastic about fostering the Processing and media arts community in Spanish.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and joined the Processing community :)



artist, programmer, educator. @medialab, @itp_nyu, @p5xjs @kinectron

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Aarón Montoya-Moraga

Aarón Montoya-Moraga


artist, programmer, educator. @medialab, @itp_nyu, @p5xjs @kinectron