Why accountancy is a good choice for those wanting flexibility

Choosing the right career is often difficult, especially because you may not have any experience of what’s involved until you’ve started your qualifications. Getting work experience in accountancy can be tricky and, even then, the type of work you can do is likely to be completely different to what would be expected of you as a fully qualified accountant. But the great thing about accountancy is that it offers a great deal of flexibility and diversity, so it can be a brilliant choice if you want to have options even after you’ve settled on a career. Here’s why:

Accountancy can be done anywhere

Chartered accountancy qualifications such as ACA are recognised worldwide so if you’re seeking adventure, you’ll have a range of locations to choose from. All businesses need accountants, whether these are in-house or part of external agencies, so you can pick the environment that suits you, whether that’s a bustling city or a countryside retreat. The type of business varies too. You could be part of a leading business and finance team, work for a charity, or even swap between sectors to gain different experience.

One accountant isn’t the same as the next

The scope of the accountancy role is very broad and you can choose your development areas and career direction based on your interests. Some accountants prefer to work in general practice and use a wide range of skills, while others choose to specialise. You could focus on auditing, tax, corporate finance, business recovery or forensic accounting. Your career as an accountant can be what you make it, so there’s no reason to think that choosing an HND accounting degree only leads to one role.

Accountancy is the perfect foundation for business

The skills you’ll learn during your qualification and at work don’t just prepare you for a career as an accountant, they’ll equip you for any role. If you decide to set up your own business, your background in accounting will help you to understand the detail of your finances while also making valuable projections about the bigger picture. Even if you’d rather not be your own boss, an accountancy qualification can only benefit you as an employee or manager in another field. Value for money and financial awareness are important for success in any role, so rest assured that wherever your career takes you your accountancy knowledge will always be valued.

If you like the sound of following a career path which can be moulded according to your ever-changing skills, experience and interests, read more about doing an accountancy degree or HND qualification at Mont Rose College in London.