What to Expect if You are Considering Dental Lumineers

If you are interested in dental Lumineers, then you are clearly invested in the long term upkeep and care of your pearly whites. Dental Lumineers can help give you the smile you have always dreamed of without the hassle and dread of traditional dental procedures.

Options for Dental Lumineers

 One of the most obvious differences between veneers and dental Lumineers is that veneers are much thicker than dental Lumineers. In part, this means that dental Lumineers can be essentially fitted over your own teeth without the same amount of grinding down that traditional veneers require. In most typical cases, there actually is not any grinding down required for the placement of dental Lumineers, which makes the procedure much less invasive and less risky than other types of dental procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth. In addition, thanks to rapid advances in dental technology, dental Lumineers can last over 20 years, which generally exceeds the lifetime of traditional veneers. Dental Lumineers look like exact replicas of actual enamel on your teeth, which makes them a conservative enhancement to your smile without giving off a fake or manufactured feel.

Another benefit of dental Lumineers you may not initially consider is that dental Lumineers can replace the role of traditional braces in correcting the spacing and positioning of your teeth. So, it is not necessary to undergo expensive and painful traditional brace procedures in order to correct or realign your teeth before opting for dental Lumineers in most cases. Of course, if you have an extraordinary condition with your dental health or severely misaligned teeth, your dentist may recommend additional precautionary procedures before installing dental Lumineers over your teeth.

The Procedure

 Contrary to what you might expect, the procedure for installing dental Lumineers is entirely pain free. dental Lumineers are thin enough that they can be placed over your existing teeth without having to grind them down, so you should not experience any extreme pain during the installation of your dental Lumineers. It is very likely that you will not require any re-positioning after the installation procedure for your dental Lumineers, so the initial procedure will take care of your entire installation.

To determine the placement and sizing of your Dental Lumineers, after a consultation with your dentist, a precise mold of your teeth will be developed. Once the mold is created, it will be shipped off to the lab, which will create the exact mold of your dental Lumineers to be installed. What makes this procedure so convenient is that you will not have to wear any temporary fixtures or any sort of bite setting device before having your dental Lumineers installed permanently. Also, there are not any uncomfortable shots or drilling to have to worry about during the installation procedure. In total, you will likely only have to make two visits to your dentist from the consultation and mold setting to the complete installation before you are enjoying your new smile with dental Lumineers.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Because the procedure is essentially pain free and does not require any drilling down of your actual teeth, you will be back to normal in no time with dental Lumineers. In fact, you will be able to eat, chew and enjoy all of the foods and drinks that you used to before the dental Lumineers were installed. You should not experience any major difference in the feel of your bite and should be back to business as usual, although you may find yourself smiling and showing off your amazing new look at every opportunity. Even though dental Lumineers are extremely durable and resilient, you should still practice good dental hygiene. This means that you should continue to brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss whenever possible. It is important that you continue with regular visits to your dentist, every six months or so. Your dentist can give you regular cleanings, just as you would expect with normal teeth.

In the rare chance that you would like to have your dental Lumineers removed, this is entirely possible because they are simply placed over your own teeth, which remain completely intact during the installation procedure. Currently, dental Lumineers are projected to last 20 years or longer, but you may need repair work after that point to maintain your beautiful smile.

If you are considering whether dental Lumineers could be the right option for you to improve the appearance of your smile and the alignment of your teeth, then you should consult with an experienced dentist who is comfortable with the procedure. Be sure to ask any questions you may have during your consultation and that you are comfortable with your dentist’s level of experience.

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