I’m Full of BullShit. Aren’t you?
Evelyn Mezquita

Dear Evelyn, the most difficult and loving thing we can do for ourselves and our children.

Reading this post and all gives me courage to go on. At least that I am not the only one to go through this. Reading you always gives me power. I wish I could print all your words out and stick them in my walls to remember when I cannot look up.

I am in this spot everyday with my child. So many things I have to change, my family matters are very similar to yours, all this believes and concepts from childhood are like a tornado now when I have this creature in front of me and I want her to be free from all this chains and not to fear anything. But first I have to undo my chains of fear. Somedays I can do it with happiness and love. Other times I am so exhausted and sad from daily earthy happenings, cannot do it. I die a little if I don’t keep walking.

I appreciate deeply all your words and Leo’s. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to the world.

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