Flashy — A No BullShit Flashlight App

I always wanted a Flashlight App that does not have any bullshit options like compass, LED, Colour Lights and SOS. I freak’n hate SOS the most.

I don’t want that bullshit, all I want is to find my fucking key under my bed. If I accidentally find a monster will that SOS feature save my ass? No. I would run my heart out in my browneed pants. Fucking over-efficient pricks. So I made my own Flashlight App which does a single thing — switch the fucking flashlight ON and OFF. Thats it. You don’t believe me? Check the fucking link down below. Alright my Icon is full of shit — I know that, but who cares? It fucking gets the job done and this app is certainly not a grizzly bear wanking off in your device memory and doing nothing. Sayonara.

Originally published at iareandroid.blogspot.com.