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2020 — What a year! Can we start again? Pretty common sentiment, but honestly I think 2020 has been awesome. I don’t want to diminish the real life suffering that so many have endured, but with some foresight we might actually realise that this year has the same, if not less deaths than any other year. The suffering is unfortunately mostly media driven hysteria. Maybe I’m just a naive optimist, but I’m quite sure we’ll look back at this year in 20 years and say “WT Actual F, 2020 was great for us (humanity)!”

Here’s why I think it’s great…..

Masses more people are questioning the paradigms under which they have been living their whole lives. Some are seeing the deceit from the governments and authorities that we are supposed to trust and are angry. Others like me are looking at this and saying “what else?” What else in my life is an unconscious pattern that doesn’t serve me? Seeing the unhealthy external systems that govern our lives is what is now allowing so many more humans to wake up to what is happening in the world they live. …


Monty Hooke

Mentor, Investor & Creator Of Businesses For The Restored New Earth

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