10 Supplements for Creatives

Maybe some of you can relate to this scenario… You graduated college, landed that highly coveted internship, perhaps you tried to launch a startup or two, got married, had a kid (or three in my case), bought Steven Seagal’s new album, Songs From the Crystal Cave, and then BAM! Your body failed you. One week in bed because Junior came home with the sniffles. The cold and chilling proverbial reminder that we need to take care of ourselves when we’re at our busiest and most stressed.

Tron may offer a cure for the human condition, but I can’t. I can however share my top 10 supplement list to give you a biological edge next time you have to pull an all-nighter, get yelled at by a client or Junior decides to eat a bird flu sandwich on a dare.

Holy Basil

1. Balances blood sugar
 2. Has adaptogenic effects, which promote the body’s natural ability to respond to mental and physical stress

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1. Promotes alpha brain waves; a state of alert relaxation.
 2. Promotes resistance to microbial infections

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1. Promotes good mood; stimulates the brain’s serotonin levels
 2. Aids in migraine; increased serotonin levels have been proven to decrease the effects of migraines.

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Fish oil

1. Increased cognition
 2. Increased memory
 3. Increased endurance and energy
 4. Promotes cardiovascular health

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Blueberry Supplement

1. Helps regulate blood sugar levels
 2. Increased memory
 3. Promotes cardiovascular health

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1. Vitamins like C and E help build the immune system against the common cold
 2. Prevents against heart disease and cancer

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1. Increases nerve function in the brain
 2. Supports healthy immune system
 3. Stabilizes blood flow
 4. Regulates blood sugar

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1. Promotes strong immune system
 2. Muscle health

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1. Fights adrenal insufficiency
 2. Increased mental function

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Vitamin B6

1. Repair of brain cells
 2. Increases neurotransmitter chemicals for better mental function

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In taking any supplement, you want to consult your physician and do as much research as possible. This may be my top 10 list, but I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying these all at once. Isolate each supplement as you go to fully explore whether it works well for you or not.

Which supplements can you not live without?

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