How to invest and buy MVID Tokens?

Apr 14, 2018 · 2 min read

The time is running and the pre-sale starts shortly. The main question is how can we support monvid project and invest into this Initial Coin Offering. To buy Monvid Tokens (MVID) you should follow the bellow steps!

  • First of all, please read our white-paper and learn how the project is working.
By going on the home-page you can see our white-paper linked into the website
  • Get register on our website and make sure you will update all of your information in the profile section.
Please make sure to insert your valid email address, and a supported Ethereum wallet address during the registration.
By going to the Profile section and completing your details, you can get verified in the panel.
  • Once you are done, you should now double check if you are using a supportable Ethereum Wallet to receive your Monvid Tokens. The Wallet you are using and want to send your Investment from should be your own Wallet and not from an Exchange. The Wallet owner is the only one who can transfer the Tokens out of his wallet later, so make sure you have your own private key for your wallet. The best suggestions from our team to use are MetaMask and/or MyEtherWallet. These are free wallets and easy to use so let’s give them a chance.
  • Now, you have your desired amount of Investment on your own wallet. So let’s say you are going to invest 1 ETH into monvid Project. You should send this amount from your own wallet to the following Smart Contract Address. Please make sure to double-check this address in your panel to avoid any abuse and spoofing of the address.
  • Once you have sent the Ethereum and once it is confirm from the Ethereum Network, you are able to see your transactions in your panel.
By going to transactions section you can view all of your transactions

If there is any question please direct to our telegram group Telegram@monvid_io or send us an email to

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