What is the technology behind Monvid Platform?

Jun 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Currently, we are in a world, a lot of new technology coming out every day, and one of the most important technologies is the Blockchain and the P2P Network Community. Why is this technology one of the most important for this generation? This is because every day, people want to have more privacy, and also more transparency and less censorship and control on their data which are being transferred over the internet.
When we are talking about the Blockchain, you will think about Bitcoin or Ethereum, but these are not the only products this powerful technology can deliver to our life.

The Monvid Platform is one of the first platforms which is connecting the video streaming with the blockchain to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the future of streaming! But how is it possible to connect these two worlds with each other and how does it help us as a consumer? Maybe this is not that important for you in your country, because of your government or your internet provider is not controlling your internet usage and not blocking you for watching every channel, every film, series or shows on your television or on your computer, but there are a lot of other people in other countries where have limited internet access and cannot watch everything! Or maybe the cost of watching such videos or channels are too high and they can not afford it. The Monvid Platform is the platform for the future and wants to solve such issues around the world. With this application, we want to prove that every single person in the world is the same and there is no difference between any of us.

Ok, let’s explain how Youtube or other video streaming platforms are working nowadays.

The content creator will upload his content to youtube and youtube will deliver this to it’s CDN servers for a better quality or streaming, but it is all about the Youtube Policy if they want to keep the video, remove the video or censor it, and you as the content creator can not control it, even they can earn a lot of money from your video because of advertisements they will run on your contents.

Now, we want to explain how Monvid Platform will help this issue and want to solve it.

The above diagram can look different in the real life, but this is what the idea is. You as a visitor will stream the video directly from n other servers ( nodes — other video visitors ) and can have a better experience in your video streaming. There is no more advertisement and no more censorship, you can what whatever you want and whenever you want.

What is the different between the visitors who are also uploading the video ( outgoing arrows ) and the visitors who only are watching videos ( only incoming arrows )? Well, the difference is that those who are also practicing in the uploading event, they are earning rewards by sharing their traffic and the resources, because there is no single server to get the stream data from, so there is no single fee for the company like Youtube is paying for their servers, and therefore the people who are helping the community they will be rewarded.

The other question is what will happen if no one wants to help the community and all want to watch the videos only? Well, we are going to run a group of servers around the world which will join the community by free and will help the community even if there is no one who is uploading the contents at that time, so you as the visitor won’t be affected and can watch all of your videos everytime you want.

How can we prevent any abusive attacks on the contents and how can we make sure there is no censorship or filtering on the videos? This is time to get help from the Blockchain Network for solving such issues. Every single video and content which is going to be live on our platform is being encrypted and that information will be stored on the blockchains and those pieces of information will be checked before being streamed over the internet. If an attacker wants to change the files and upload them again to the community this will be rejected by the platform and that data won’t have permissions to be downloaded or uploaded again, so in this way, all contents are safe and secure.


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The new decentralized video streaming platform based on Blockchain for the next generation.

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