Why not matchmaking in hotel business?

It has been over a year now, that I was reading travel news, and got impressed about KLM taking one step further into dealing with its clients on social media. Last March 2016 they announced to all their customers around the globe that they could book, check-in, get their boarding pass and update flight status via Facebook Messenger. This was a great step forward for a company with a good customer focus.

This is an easier way of travelling no doubts. Also it is a friendly way of travelling. It is finally, an up-today way of communicating with clients.

But it was far ahead of this move than KLM was introducing their “In-Flight Matchmaker Service Meet and Seat”. A very innovative service for today`s travellers. I loved it!. Don`t you?.

This innovative service was planned for a 2012 launch. The idea was simple. You could link your social media profile at your check-in information. So you can choose your next seat partner by assessing similar likes and dislikes. Brief, you can look for someone like you in the flight. So you can have a great conversation and share things you have in common. Their slogan “Make your flight a journey of inspiration” seems to me so appropriate for travellers today.

How many times have you flight with the wrong partner next to you during hours?. Too many myself. What is better than meeting new people you like while travelling?. On the top of reading, I know. And if flying for business, who knows if you can seat next to a peer, a competitor or a new partner?.

Matchmaking is about allowing guests to build personal connections with the hotel Brand and between themselves. Hotels can also be an integrator of people. What can be more powerful tan building a network of hotel guests that are loyal to your services and attract more business.

This concept is already defined and very well explained at Deloitte´s report “The Hotel of the Future” published last year.

While thinking about his service, I decided last week to look around hoteliers and see if we have learned and copy those good ideas about new travellers. Who is offering a matchmaking service at the hotel business?.

I found that Hyatt Hotels started testing Messenger out for customer service requests. Using the chat as an easier way for customers to reach them. And I couldn’t find anybody at the hotel industry offering guests to match.

So this is where I am today, I haven’t found yet any other good matchmaking service for hotel guests. Maybe a good business opportunity to explore?. How far we can go matchmaking our guests at the hotel industry?. Time for a thought.

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