My 100+ MOOCs: The Program

In the introduction I mentioned the personal master degree program with the focus on biology, computer science and finance for which I selected the best courses from all over the world. So, let it be here for the reference.

I usually dedicated enough time to do my best, but some courses were passed in a hurry, having not enough time for full set of assignments. A few courses were taken just to look at them, but in fact appeared to be rather easy to pass in a relaxed mode (usually it means 2x video speed and not doing notes). A dozen MOOCs were dropped, so I didn’t get a certificate and do not mention them here.

The list is constantly updating.

I added remarks on my own course quality perception
++ for an exceptional and extraordinary course, a “must-have”
+ for a good course, you wouldn’t probably disappointed unless you already know the material
- for a “don’t waste your time” course
all other courses are considered “normal”, take them if you need

So here is my program and results:

Computer Science & Programming (#1–17)

Mathematics (#18–27)

Data Science (#28–51)

Physics and Chemistry (#52–55)

Biology and Medicine (#56–98)

Finance (#99–103)

Business (#104–109)

Learning (#110)

Languages and Cultures (#111–113)

Written by

ML/DL/AI expert. Software engineer with 20+ years programming experience. Loves Life Sciences. CTO and co-Founder of Intento. Google Developer Expert in ML.

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