Look very well, think deeply and see the smokes. As an old African Proverbs says, “there is no smoke without fire”. The buzz around user experience design and user centered design is a clear indication of a new wave and movement in the technology space. Leading organizations and top global brands spends more time discussing this issues in the board room up till a new member is now on the board at the C-Level management team. The CXO. Welcome the Chief Experience Officer Who will work with the CTO, Chief technology officer to make sure Companies have the best product that people would love and (#NewwordAlert) U-Loop for (Meaning: constant use of a thing repeatedly without getting tired or bored. derived from the word, Use and LOOP). I know you got the message right?

My Point exactly is user experience is now a big deal and there is a shift from what we use to know as core focus when building products from technology to features and now its about the experience. What that means is experience is now the new product you should focus on building.the product you should focus on creating is the Experience people would have when they interact with your product. A product is bound to arouse both an emotional and intellectual response in people based not only on the way it works but also how it looks and feels. that experience if it goes on to be a good one or a bad one, will surely affect your sales. There is one thing companies both big from Google,Apple,Facebook ,Airbnb and small startups have in common and that is PEOPLE. Their products are made for people and their success rate and ROI (Return on Investment)depends on whether people enjoy their products and services in order to continue doing business successfully.All this is the experience we talk about

Before you set out to build your website, you need to focus first on the flow and all the design process aside from the visuals alone Because that would birth the type of experience you want people to have on your website and can turn your website into a website that is responsible for generating about 70% of total leads per month leading to huge ROI.

There are so many products/websites people fall in love with and get sucked with, they love these products not because of the products but because of how these products make them feel.

Products like Apple, Facebook,Airbnb(My personal Favorite),Slack,Snapchat,Nike, uber are great today because of they paid attention to their users(People) and hand craft the perfect experience for them. if you are wondering why they are loved and what makes their product stand out, here are a few reasons:

1. They Know good usability
2. They make people feel good about themseleves
3. They know the difference between what people want and what people need
4. They take their time to hand craft the product
5. They evolve with the times
6. They are consistent to their overall look and feel

7. The are truly interested in People

These seven points, makes the experience that makes the product great, keeping people to fall in love with them and find them usable and engaging every time.

Again,there are some factors that goes into creating an experience.They involve combining form and function to carry out a final goal. Breaking them down into steps will help give more insight into creating the best experience.

1. Consider the user expectation: How your users are expecting the look and feel of the site to be like.

2.Consider the Goal of the website: What will the website be used for and what actions would users be expected to complete on the website?.

3.Consider the Flow : The Website flow is important. Also how the visual, content and navigation flows to make the final user goal seamless. This also creates a feeling of flow within the user. The concept of flow is the state where the user becomes fully immersed in an activity to the point of losing the idea of time. You want to consider the flow as it engages the user positively with your website.

A Quick audit, look at the point made and see if your web application has the elements that makes the Apple,Facebook ,Airbnb and the rest Loved by people and if you are on the right path to hand crafting a wow experience for your Product.Remember that Experience is now the new Product.