A photograph of a Masterchief figurine from the game Halo.
A photograph of a Masterchief figurine from the game Halo.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Today I sold my trusty old XBOX Classic and gave away a couple of games with it. The pack included the very first installment of the Halo franchise as well as the second part. This made me remember my experiences with the series and why I especially like one particular game possibly more than the others.

I’m not an avid gamer, yet in-depth connoisseur of Halo, but I always enjoy playing it. I kind of grew up being the Masterchief, fighting the Covenant over and over again, read some of the books that tell more about the whole world. …

A screenshot from Visual Studio Code with exemplary JSX markup
A screenshot from Visual Studio Code with exemplary JSX markup
Exemplary code for a post-listing component in Gatsby

Content management with Gatsby

As I‘ve written in the first part of this series I‘m trying out Gatsby to create and manage my website. In this part I‘m showing my first steps, closely following the instructions on their website.

For Windows user like me there are some pre-requisites to take care of before starting with the installation. You should have a proper IDE, a terminal and GIT installed. I use GIT bash, but with Windows 10 you could also try one of the Linux distributions as a WSL. Everything you need for Gatsby is properly explained in a dedicated section. …

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

There are things in life that you cannot really judge from a distance. You have to experience them on your own to fully understand them. One of those things in life is certainly becoming parents. I became a father to a beautiful little girl just recently. And of course she already changed a lot in both my wife’s and my life.

The first days and nights after we were allowed to bring her home from hospital came about really smooth. Naive as I was I thought, it would stay like that until she’d grow her first teeth.

But things turned…

Strategy development (Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels)

Content strategy

As a pre-requisite I assume that my traffic has to built up organically. I’m not planning to advertise on the site. Also donation options aren’t planned. Therefore, links have to be integrated with my online profiles and most important fresh and relevant content created regularly.

The website isn’t serving any direct economic goals — at least for starters. It’s a platform I see as a hobby, a project to learn from. For interested visitors it’s supposed to be a source of basic information on my person, what I do for a living and my interests. …

Website-project to-do list (Photo by Breakingpic from Pexels)

I have to admit, I’ve never really mastered the craft of presenting myself online. Nor did I really invest effort.

Sure, I’m on Instagram and Flickr to show some of my photos. And I also use Codepen for experiments and of course I’m registered with LinkedIn and Xing for career topics and networking. Yes, I still have a facebook as well. But I’m not using it.

Over lots of years though, I’ve totally neglected my own website. But, I decided to change that now, as it deserves better!

Because I’ve always been interested in various things I’ve never really settled…

A plane leaving Hamburg airport on a sunny day.

A while ago I realized that I need to declutter my life. Over the past decades I’ve aggregated a lot of stuff that I rarely use, yet at all need. But first things first.

The beauty of things

Every now and then I find myself admiring things. I see the beauty in them. I enjoy surrounding myself with collectibles. Yet at the same time I prefer clean rooms and clean designs. That seems contradicting. Take for example my collection of plain white vases. I fancy them because of their clean looks and thus I don’t put flowers in them very often. …

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

As I’m working in frontend development my point of view might be a tad biased. The take-aways of this article should still be applicable to other professions.

Why agile?

You can’t escape agile nowadays. Be it in job offers, companies describing their way of work and very likely at your place of work too.

And that’s a good thing! Our world is ever-changing and becoming smaller, competition is becoming harder with more and more options for customers to choose from. It’s easy for a company to fall behind. And that’s where being agile is a must to keep up. Waterfall processes might…

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