10 Awesome Agency Sites

From typography to animation to interaction, here’s our favs!

If you are a digital agency providing services, and find yourself redesigning your own agency website at some point. We’re certain you’ve come across different inspiration along the way, right? We love all aspects of design and one of our favorite is the creativity and interaction behind digital agency sites. We love them so much we put together a list of our top 10 favies. Maybe you can find inspiration from these on your next site design.

Epic Agency

Everything about Epic’s website is just that…it’s epic. The dark feel of the site really brings out the detailed work they have done for their clients. They also do this in such an elegant way. The animations are on point and the page transitions are butter!

Visit their site

Hello Monday

These guys are just rockstars all around, so it’s no wonder their own site is the bees knees. The navigation is stellar, and we think Hello Monday does a fantastic job showcasing their work with slider project navigation. The typography is dialed in very nicely and compliments the brand perfectly.

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Active Theory

A true digital experience, the Active Theory website captivates the visitor on all levels. The interaction right off the homepage is absolutely stunning. They incorporate awesome videography to showcase their work. Sleek in every way, from the main navigation to project menus, everything in this site is great.

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Interactions galore! Need we say more? This site captures so many really well executed animations and interactions for users to get an idea of who, why and what in an elegant fashion while keeping a focus on minimal. The illustrations on this page are fire!

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If you love typography, you’ll love Super16. They execute the typography so well in this site it’s frightening. On a serious note, this site combines typography with visual elements in the most well constructed ways to present their visitors with past work. We can’t say how much we love this site because it would take all day.

Visit their site


We love clean styles, and that is exactly what Fantasy gives its users. Clean, precise styles. The Fantasy site does everything very well, from typography to presentation. The animations from project menus to case studies is absolutely gorgeous and most importantly it’s usable. Very well designed, but developed equally well.

Visit their site


As clean as you can get really, the Unit9 website showcases their past work in the most elegant fashion with flawless video reels, perfectly executed animations and interaction points, along with stunning branding and culture. What we like best about this entire site is how well the navigation is laid out, take notes…this is how it’s done.

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A great mix of typography, photography and awesome work. The Born Group website is flawless in that it has perfectly timed animation, beautiful photography, and a color palette that really sells the brand. All the ingredients for a suburb user experience.

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Something not so over the top in regards to navigation, or animation, although they do have subtle interaction, it’s clean and effective at delivering information. The small interaction that it does have is pretty unique. Good use of typography and color can take a site design a long way.

Visit their site


Want clean? Want minimal? What interaction? Take a look at Ueno, they do all those things together and they do it exceptionally well. Right from the start, the loader and site introduction is gorgeous. The layout and presentation on all pages is stunning and the information architecture is precisely laid out for an optimal experience. Definitely not missing a beat anywhere from typography, animation, layout or brand.

Visit their site

Well that is it for now, that is just some of the sites that we think agencies are doing super well at. We hope you gained some insight on some inspiration that might help you build better designs.

We’re getting so close for early launch of our inspiration platform, and will be sending out beta invites very soon. Make sure you’re on the list if you’re a design that looks at designs for inspiration before or during a project.

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