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The tramp freighter fell back into the Einstein dimension, and Ferris’ aura was a blinding flare. Amalia squinted and turned away. She felt a pang of nausea.

“Welcome to Medea! You’ll like it, you can’t get further from Earth!” Ferris, pilot and owner of “Ferris Qutar’s Travel and Transport Agency”, retracted the armored bulkheads in front of the windows, clearing the view onto the colony world hanging in the blackness of space. Oceans and continents sprawled beneath swirling clouds.

Amalia swallowed a gelatinous blob of anti-synesthetics from her portable med unit and rubbed her eyes, waiting for Ferris’ aura to fade away. “I’m sorry, but I want to touch ground as fast as possible. I was locked-in for two months in a long-range liner. I’m just glad I finally arrived .” …


Lukas Fuchs

Currently shifting from occasionally writing incomplete stuff to seriously writing complete stuff. My stories on

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