MoodTools Privacy Policy (Android)

Last updated: June 10, 2018

Like millions of other apps, MoodTools uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics grabs anonymous usage data from users. You are free to opt out of tracking by going to the Settings page within the app.

What does Google Analytics record?

  • Which pages in the app you visit
  • Certain events in the app such as the clicking of certain buttons
  • What country you come from
  • How long you stay in the app
  • What kind of phone you’re using (device model + operating system)
  • Estimated demographic data from Google such as age range, gender, and interest categories

What is not recorded?

No personal information is recorded in the application that could be possibly used to identify you in case of a data breach. All of your private information is stored offline on your phone or tablet. This includes:

  • Thought diary entries
  • Every part of the Safety Plan
  • Any data from outside this app other than what is automatically recorded by Google Analytics

What do you do with this data?

The information gathered through Google Analytics will allow us to better understand the usage patterns of the app and improve the app with free updates in the future. For example, which functions of the app are people using the most? Which functions do people barely use? When the app crashes, where does it crash?