Poems | 09/18

1 / essential
embraced in a shindy
to a song in actuality
scrapping floods forming “you dunno how brilliant you are” to her

then I weep in the stir
gripped by stale air

these renewed sequences
of distance discipline
yet trust I’d reconcile as fast as I would’ve in slumber

there’s one above the other
then there’s you, mother

essential throughout
a world I’ll grieve without
right before it breaks me

2 / stardust
a shelved ‘z’
am high on just a name
as skies you love, as rapid
even foreign touch to blame

logged “not worth the wait”
you’re worth it, mate
an alarm we can’t stop
proof man’s made of stardust

Ricki Lake sees Cupid’s call
on’ 32nd when Dante’s cold
I’m sorry, McCoy, but I’m afraid
you can’t slam that door

so fuck protocol and beam
I’ll look back if you want but you won’t be
they’re stuck tryna bust what we’re made of
perpetual as stardust

3 / breakdowns
wanna be like everyone else
and shoes to be seashells
stay down, wake up late
say “it’s been a long one”
feasting on my own tongue

only fatigue’s lover for this town
a time like our first
one to pretend I’m home
conversations movie scenes
only where I’ve never been

a horde of patrons leave
ever on’ horizon
haunt even the aftermath
with lipstick spectres on the rims
the blue towel fracturing
funny how we call these breakdowns

my hands’ll sleep
when bar choirs, arranged in seconds
at toto’s entrance
bless the rain but freeze

a way out every 30
shy of escape for years
the road may well be dirty
but anything beats tears

4 / swipe 4 love/death
love in spades digs
anywhere but the core
remorse I’ll even taste

the one
found me
airs for

it is this
same shit
as it's
same shit

cringey charges
striking gold for loss
more than I'll have known

shady heart
faith and shame
the same breath
we swipe for
love or

pull the
push door
then let go
and try

actual moving parts
voice put to DMs
show you'll hate to thumb down

as fast as
the match lights
it's snuffed
I'll not

to pull the
push door and
then let go
and try