Mooer Baby Tuner: Is Your Guitar Pedalboard Equipped With It?

Forget the acoustic or bass versions. What’s most expected of a guitar? — To play a tune that sounds exactly the guitarist wants it to sound, right? However, at most times, this becomes a cause of frustration, especially if you are a rookie.

Let’s make things plain and simple. Why not go for a good guitar tuning device? This is what all ‘effect-loving’ guitarists swear by. It’s a feature without which your six strings are only incomplete.

Enter Mooer Baby Tuner.

Not just any tuning device; Mooer Baby Tuner should be your choice. The users say, once you plug this single-block device onto your pedalboard, there’s no unplugging it ever again. This compact device is sans the bulk; it’s lightweight and way ahead of its slow-tuning peers.

Mooer Baby Tuner

Did you know the device weighs only one-third of what a run-of-the-mill guitar tuning device weighs? Quick in action, it is a True Bypass device, with a robust built. It bears a simple semblance and has a bright LED display with minimalist red and blue indicator lights.

This the brand support and assurance of quality and heavy-duty performance, the Baby Tuner from Mooer is a smart investment — one that will let you gig without hassles for years. Those of you, who own bulky pedalboards and do not what to put extra load on them, this product weighs about 151 grams; you won’t even notice it’s there.

What are the prime features of this amazing device?

• It offers high precision chromatic tuning; you can use it to tune 5-string, 6-string, and 7-string guitars, as well as other electric musical instruments.
• The device is accurate to ±1 point, i.e., the strings of your guitar, when played, will be maximum one cent away from their ideal pitch.
• The input is 1/4” monophonic jack (impedance 1M Ω) and the output is 1/4” monophonic jack (impedance 470 Ω).
• The power adaptor is a Standard Boss Type 9V DC and the Current Draw is 40 mA.
• Because of its compact dimension (93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)), sufficient room space is saved on the pedalboard.
• The LED display is bright and visible even in the strongest of sunlight and stage light.

Why is the Mooer tuner better than any other guitar-tuning device?

The device is compact and portable. You can carry it to anywhere you go. Because of the solid metal casing, the device is less prone to breakage. And when it comes to functionality, the Mooer tuner beats its peers by offering quick and accurate tuning.

It is responsive and operates very stably. The device allows silent tuning, which is an added benefit during stage performances. Above all, it does not require a lot of space to sit on the pedalboard and is available at an affordable rate of Rs. 5,627.

Tuning a guitar on the fly is pure bliss. Nothing sounds as awful as a guitar out of tune. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you must learn how to tune the musical instrument. The quality and sweetness of a melody is highly dependent on this aspect. So, is your guitar equipped with this tuning device?

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