VR Education Application SurfVR

Topic: SurfVR This VR application is intended to educate the user about how to surf. It includes an overview of surfing technique and strategy and the physics of catching a wave.

It will show the various parts of a wave and transport the user right inside the experience, letting them get some otherwise unattainable insight into surfing.


Sandy is a 12 year old kid who really wants to get into surfing and could do with all the help they can get.

“Surfing is rad! How do you do it? What happens?”

Sandy has played with some VR, but not for learning.

VR Platform decisions.

For SURFVR, I would develop it for a higher end platform which would allow for interactive navigation of a computer generated wave. The more realistic the motion and action of the wave the better, all the better to explore the subtleties of wave riding. Though we would not need transparent water necessarily as we’re really focussing on the shape and structure of the wave.

Interactivity would consist of moving between points on the wave to explore different views from different parts of the wave. Alternatively they could go on a ‘guided tour’. There would be an overlay of information popups that could be activated through gaze or gesture.

Moving Forward

Eye tracking could be used to help refine the interactivity of the informational popups.. Have them spring up when the user is looking straight at them.

Augmented reality could be used to map out on a real surboard key parts and locations where you should stand while surfing.

Better Haptics might no be useful for this project

Improved Graphics can assist in the feeling of really being on a wave and the beauty of the sea.

In the next 2 years we expect a great deal of improvements. I propose we develop for current standards of technology and release new versions as technology improves