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Oct 25 · 1 min read

Build Super Teams

Adding people together is not building teams. This is where the Moolya culture has stood out for our customers where our teams work with people, don’t live with blockers, solve on the ground problems and help the product meet the purpose.

Prevent Bugs

Finding bugs help. Not as much as Preventing Bugs and getting the bug reported, fixed. This is where Moolya has been a great differentiator in our customer minds. We focus on preventing bugs. We are not excited about finding the bugs again and again. Saves money and time. Helps the business scale faster.

Automate right things

Automation in Testing is highly chaotic and highly failure prone. People do large scale UI Automation when UI and the testability layer is not fixed. This results in high maintenance and low value. We do the right kind of automation where we look to put automation deeper in the pyramid with more API Tests.

Improve Coverage

A bug in production always points to a missing something. That could be a missing test, a missing environment, a missing variable, a missing device, a missing condition, a missing model… This is why — we are constantly looking at improving our test coverage even if the releases have been going good.

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