The Truth about the Law of Attraction…

Your thoughts create your reality.

Whatever you focus on, whether through your thoughts or your words, impacts your reality.

This is no esoteric statement.

It has more to do with quantum physic principles and the way the human brain operates. The human understanding of both matters being still at its infancy stage, there is no need to get into that.

Let’s take a simple real life example instead: say you become pregnant; suddenly, you start seeing pregnant women all around you. You would certainly agree that this is not because of a sudden surge in the birth rate in your neighborhood!

So what is it? Actually, the brain cannot process all of the outside stimulus it is exposed to each day: it has to filter them, only letting in those things that are congruent with your vision of the world, which is in turn, the result of what you are focusing on consciously, but also the result of what you are focusing on unconsciously — your beliefs, personal history, etc. (i.e. your conditioning).

Knowing that, you can stop both the blame game and the guilt trip…

Yes, you are the one who is “attracting” those things in your life, and no, you don’t have full control over that because much of it is determined unconsciously.

What you can commit to however is to enlarge the scope of what you are conscious of, hence increasing your circle of freedom. Indeed, you can only exert your power of choice on what you are conscious of. Everything that is unconscious has you under its grip; it directs your life and you don’t even know it.

How can one go about making conscious what is unfathomable per se?

You create your reality through what you are focusing on, be it on a conscious or unconscious level. So that which you are focusing on unconsciously will appear in your outer world as an event, a situation, or a person, etc.

This is not to say that this event is happening to you only, but that you will notice it more than other persons who don’t have this inner resonance to it. Your brain filter lets it in.

Say for instance you are having dinner with friends: you happen to talk about a common acquaintance and the fact this person is greedy. You all know this person (it’s not your prerogative to know greedy people!). Everyone observes that the person is a bit greedy indeed. Instead of quietly noticing as well, you overreact emotionally to that: you go about it at length, stating how unacceptable this is, etc.

In such situation, you’d better pay attention, for you have here the opportunity to uncover part of who you are, and if you wish so, retrieve it from your unconscious and make it conscious. That’s right: your overreaction is a sure sign of your own greediness, which you have been rejecting all this time. `

As long as you refuse to integrate a part of you, it will be projected in the outside world.

Maybe it will feel like you can’t stop coming across greedy people, in an almost fated way.

Again, it’s not that you are meeting more greedy people than any other being — that wouldn’t make sense statistically speaking.

It’s just that you are noticing them more because of your own repressed greediness, so it ipso facto occupies a larger piece of your mental space.

As you accept this part of you, you resolve this inner conflict, and don’t let it run your life anymore.

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